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Although many contractors claim to install vinyl siding, they vary in their quality of skill, materials, and artistic eye. Zen Home Improvement offers you siding specialists who install your new siding without damaging your building or the siding material. We only use world-class siding brands with outstanding warranties. And we have the creative eye and vast resources to recommend exceptional exterior textures and a wide variety of color siding options to complement any home or commercial building with a modern or traditional look.

Vinyl siding repair service

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If extreme heat, wind, moisture, birds, or small animals have damaged a small section or row of your building’s outer wall, we might be able to repair the affected area for you.

It is not always easy to repair damaged vinyl siding. Moisture, the siding can blister and peel away from the house, while heat may warp or melt the edges of a sheet. Repairing damaged vinyl requires us to remove such sections and replace them with new ones that match style, size, and color. (Years of weathering will generally make an exact color match with your old facing a bit challenging.)

If the outer wall is possible to repair, we will remove the old siding and match up the joints using as identical a replacement as possible, both in texture and color. (Weathering will usually make an exact match with new a bit challenging.) We will carefully cut and caulk before applying screws or nails so that your exterior wall remains water-tight at all times. Zen understands that repairs offer an affordable price option to total replacements. We will provide you with a free siding estimate with no obligation and expert analysis of whether a repair is a reasonable option for you.

Professional siding replacement

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Vinyl siding is a popular exterior building covering due to its low cost and high durability. We can easily install new vinyl covering over either an old structure or new construction, and it will look as good as other siding choices such as wood, cedar shake, or shingles.

Why do so many homeowners and businesses choose vinyl for their exterior wall protection?

Vinyl siding requires zero maintenance.

When properly installed using quality siding products, it will protect against mold and moisture damage.
You will have a tremendous choice of vinyl siding styles and colors.

Each row of siding “floats” on slotted fins that we nail to the wall’s surface. This “give” helps the PVC-based material contract and expand to temperature changes.

Our high-quality siding installation services include superior vinyl siding options, including surface textures that look incredibly similar to wood. We also install durable siding products with thicker grades, which help improve sturdiness and impact resistance while offering you greater indoor energy efficiency.

A professional installation using better-quality vinyl siding at competitive prices? What more could you want in your pursuit of an optimum siding project that promises outstanding curb appeal? Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our premium quality siding brands carry a lifetime warranty, including parts, labor, and materials. Each warranty is also fully transferable.

Yes, essentially. You might want to give the exterior a soap-and-water wash one or twice a year to keep it looking “like new.”

No. Siding is generally available in 12-ft. to 25-ft. lengths, so it won’t stretch to the length of an entire wall. But overlap the seams away from traffic to make the siding appear virtually seamless.

Yes. Considering initial cost, maintenance costs, durability, appearance, and value, vinyl vastly outperforms brick, wood, stucco, stone, or anything else. You can also choose from smooth or grained surfaces, low-gloss finishes in countless colors, and a variety of classic profiles.. No wonder then that vinyl is America’s preferred material.

Vinyl siding is one of the best resale investments you can make. It helps a house sell faster and for more money. If your home is older, you can also have us install installation for even greater market appeal.


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