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You can depend upon us to smooth and mortar each piece into a sturdy and even surface, whether laying vertically or flat, whichever stone masonry applications you choose. We can also handle dry stone jobs, which means we stack the stones together without mortar.

Knowing how to chisel, strike, and straightedge stone is both an art and a science, which our professional masonry contractors have practiced for many years.

Whether you need a stone masonry repair or installation, we are here to help you turn any size masonry job into an attractive, durable masonry talking point. It truly can significantly enhance your home’s interior and backyard, and entrance side curb appeal.

Types of masonry stones we use

While stone masonry projects can use granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate, or soapstone, we typically work with granite, limestone, and marble.

We also offer veneer stones for facings, which are thin stones of a uniform thickness that come in a wide variety of colors for matching with other nearby stones, metals, or wood.

We've got the right stonework for a wide range of masonry projects

Our specialties are patios, walls, steps, and walkways – but certainly ask us about any other stonework services you might need, including indoor fireplace veneers, outdoor firepits, waterproofing. Our professional masonry contractors have years of experience in the stone masonry trade, and we can undoubtedly handle your next stone masonry project.

Zen has years of quality masonry services behind us in stonework and a far-ranging variety of masonry materials from today’s best manufacturers. We also pride ourselves in having creative solutions for any type of masonry need. In short, we are fully prepared and qualified to help you realize your dreams.

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Stone patios

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Stone walls

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Stone steps

stone walkway

Stone walkways

The benefits of stonework

Here are just some of the many reasons why our residential and commercial customers decide upon using stone masonry for their properties:

  • Durability
  • Weather and fire resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pest resistance
  • Rot avoidance
  • Soundproofing
  • Low, easy maintenance
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Curb appeal

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In the masonry trade, the more years of experience in masonry your contractor has, the better. For lovely fireplaces, an aesthetic walkway, a beautiful entryway, or other areas where you need foot-traffic durability or major appeal, call us for your next brick masonry or stone masonry project. We will give you a free estimate and will work with you to make your imaginative dream become an affordable reality today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stone veneer is a manufactured exterior facade covering made of natural stone elements typically mounted on the surface of a wall to provide a decorative effect. It consists of thin pieces of natural stone attached to an underlying layer of mortar and cement.

Bluestone is a type of flagstone, a sedimentary rock with a fine-grained surface texture. One of its major attractions is the range of beautiful colors it comes in, including dark blues, greens, and grays, making it extremely popular for landscape designs. Flagstone, on the other hand, has earthier tones. The stone’s texture is endlessly diverse, and we can easily split the stone into layers, allowing for endless design opportunities.

Tuckpointing involves:

  • Removing old mortar from between the joints of stone masonry.
  • Cleaning out the cavity with a pointed tuckpointing tool.
  • Replacing the old mortar with fresh mortar.

It is a form of stucco and just one of the many stonework services we offer.

Yes. That means that your happiness is our livelihood, and how you speak to others about us is our reputation. As a result, we care – a lot. We make sure that the design plan is both what you want and structurally and aesthetically sound. Our contractors are highly skilled and experienced installers. We use only the highest quality, warrantied stonework that meets your budget.


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