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Professional masonry services

Zen Home Improvement offers you a wide variety of masonry services, including brick masonry and stone masonry repair and installation.

Our family-owned team of hardscaping contractors can advise, design, and build the best solution to your need for drainage, foot traffic comfort, neighbor envy, curb appeal, increased property value, and the like.

A variety of masonry features for various home locations:

brick steps laid by masonry contractors in clifton, nj


Clifton area home entryways will always be more attractive when you showcase them in brick, stone, or both.

brick walkway


Front paths to protect feet from dirt or grass, back paths to patio or pool, either way, your walkway will come alive with a personal touch that matches the mood of your home’s exterior.

patio in passaic county


You enhance the character of any backyard when family and friends have the foot protection and visual interest that nature cannot provide.

retainer wall clifton, nj

Retaining walls

Bolster any overly sloped area with an attractive and sturdy brick, granite, stone, or cement block wall. Who says needed utility must be bland?

Masonry repair services

masonry repair before photo

Does your existing masonry suffer from aging or unevenness that is creating pooling water, or icy, slippery surfaces, or dangerous tilting or gaps?

If your driveway, pathway, patio, porch, or retaining wall is cracking or crumbling, we may well be able to patch the stonework, brickwork, or cement surfaces.

Masonry installation services

masonry installation

Should the problem be too much for a simple repair, we can design and install a classic or contemporary solution that elevates the attractiveness of your home.

Likewise, if you need a new installation where no masonry currently exists, we will show you just how gorgeous that area could be with new brick, stone, or cement surfacing.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are committed to helping you find your Zen. Our licensed team of masonry contractors will produce exciting work with quality materials that you can trust to last for years to come. We stand behind our collective decades of experience in the masonry trade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Masonry repairs and installations can get messy. But we try to keep your grounds neat while working and always clean up thoroughly at the end of each daily and when finished.

We need electricity and water access to do our work. If either access is unavailable, please let us know before we start the job.

We like you to be there just before we get started so we can review the work together. Likewise, for you to be there when we are wrapping up, so we can confirm customer satisfaction. You don’t need to be present during the bulk of the work time, though.

Yes. We can provide design ideas that fit your budget and create a beautiful patio, pool border, walkway, steps, or fireplace that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors for many years to come!

No. Once we start a job, we give it our full attention until we finish it. We can’t control any effects or delays from the weather, of course.


With our masonry contractors in Clifton, NJ, serving Bergen County & Passaic County.

Every job includes friendly, knowledgeable customer service and an efficient installation process to ensure that we meet your requirements on time while staying on budget, using only quality materials and procedures. Let’s get started today.

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