Emergency Roof Repair in Clifton, NJ


Zen Home Improvement is on call for emergency roof repair service – 24/7/365.

During storms or other dangerous natural events, our experienced roof repair crews ready to respond to your residential or commercial building roof emergencies at a moment’s notice. We can provide 24-hour emergency service, including weekends and holidays.

It is essential to get us over for quick roof repair, if possible so that you can prevent damage to your home or business’s internal contents, as well as any immediate or long-term health dangers to its occupants.

Whatever you do, do not climb up to the roof yourself. An expert roof contractor best handles ladders and slick roofs. Inspect the roof as best you can from the ground, fasten a tarp to the underside of the leak or hole if possible, or we will for you. The tarp will help limit further interior and structural damage until the weather system passes. When the weather event clears, we can carefully inspect the damage and propose a permanent roof repair or, if necessary, provide you with an estimated roof replacement cost.

Call Zen for any emergency roofing services, including:

  • Protective roof tarping
  • Roof tree removal
  • Snow or ice removal

We will assess and protect your home from emergency roof damage as long as conditions allow our roofing company representatives to work outside. Should exterior work be too threatening, we will do our best to halt or limit further inside damage by working indoors under the damaged roofing area.

As soon as conditions permit, we will assess the roof repair jobs at hand, provide a free quote, and get a roof repair contractor on-premises to perform a complete roof repair. We are experts for roof repairs of all types of roof issues and use only quality roof materials for all work.

What to expect when you call Zen for emergency roof repairs:

We are a local, family-owned New Jersey business. Offering quality roofing service to home and business owners in the Clifton vicinity – including responding to emergencies – is our duty and privilege.

If you experience a leak in the middle of a storm, we will wait until storm conditions are safe enough for us to mobilize for roof leak repair. We will not compromise the safety of our workers. We will, however, try to talk you through what can be done before our arrival to help protect your belongings and family.

Whether your roof has suffered from high winds, heavy rains, lightning, or fire, we will do everything we can to quickly bring the structure back to a water-tight condition.

Following the immediate emergency, we will provide quality service, quality craftsmanship, and quality materials to help ensure that your roof is ready to withstand Mother Nature’s next assault if at all possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing professionals consider an emergency to include anything that is causing actual structural damage to the roof or building by allowing significant amounts of water to enter the building’s interior. Not a some literal drops in a bucket, but a consistent flow that can saturate ceilings, walls, floors, or belongings. Not only can this cause internal damage or add water to wiring for a significant fire hazard; it can also lead to harmful mold growth.

A few examples of emergency situations:

  • High winds or flying debris damages or removes a large section of shingles, flashing, or decking
  • A tree limb punctures a portion of the roof
  • Any part of the roof’s structure collapses
  • An internal fire that weakens the roof from the inside
  • A lightning strike strikes the roof
  • A small patched leak escapes and quickly grows in volume

First, assess whether or not the roofing issue poses a threat to anyone inside.

If the structure is visibly damaged or collapsed, evacuate and call us immediately.

If water is pouring inside, turn off all electricity ASAP to prevent exposure to live wires.

Don’t call your insurance company yet — you need a professional damage and repair cost assessment from a licensed roofer before you can make a claim.


Emergency roof repair services in Clifton, NJ, serving Bergen County & Passaic County.

Every job includes friendly, knowledgeable customer service and an efficient installation process to ensure that we meet your requirements on time while staying on budget, using only quality materials and procedures. Let’s get started today.

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