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Brick masonry is the most popular and straightforward type of hardscape addition. But that doesn’t mean that a load of bricks, a trowel, and some mortar will make someone a bricklayer. It requires decades of experience in masonry, having learned how to handle a vast range of masonry applications.

At Zen Home Improvement, our brick masons provide quality masonry services, and we are proud of the quality and excellent service that we provide. We carefully measure all verticals with plumb-lines and all horizontals with levels. We fit each brick carefully and use a professional and customized admixture of mortar to create long-lasting seam seals for various bricklaying projects.

Beyond our fundamental masonry skills, we also bring decades of design experience to showcase a beautiful design for your home. We match the types of layouts and locations that will work best for your needs with a wide variety of brick styles, colors, and shapes in our inventory to elevate your indoor ambiance or outdoor curb appeal.

We have got the type of masonry brick your project needs:

  • Burnt clay: a red brick made from clay and sand
  • Sand lime: a white brick made from sand and lime rather than cement
  • Concrete: a grey brick made from sand and cement
  • Firebrick: a light-grey brick made from alumina, silica, or other metallic oxides – generally used for chimneys, fireplaces, outdoor fireplace pits, and wood-burning stoves

Of course, matching quality craftsmanship with a fair budget is always a concern. We urge you to give us a call for a free estimate today!

Our brickwork services include:

Our specialties are patios, walls, steps, and walkways  – but certainly ask us about any other brickwork services you might need, including chimney veneers, tucking and pointing masonry repairs and waterproofing. Our professional masonry contractors have years of experience in the brick masonry trade, and we can undoubtedly handle your next brick masonry project.

brick patio in bergen county

Brick patios

brick retaining wall

Brick walls

steps made by brick masonry contractors in Clifton, NJ

Brick steps

brick walkway

Brick walkways

Our brickwork services include:

As with most trades, the more years of masonry experience your contractor has, the better. For lovely fireplaces, an aesthetic walkway, a beautiful entryway, or other areas where you need foot-traffic durability or major appeal, call us for your next brick masonry or stone masonry project. We will give you a free estimate and will work with you to make your imaginative dream become an affordable reality today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) reports that brick masonry can last for 100 years, if not longer. Masons have used this material on some of the oldest structures still standing today.

Manufacturers make most bricks from clay and shale, both natural materials that are in great abundance. Bricks are also more durable than other building materials, so they also take a smaller toll on the environment since they require much less repair and rebuilding. More than 80% of brick plants use natural gas, and a growing number of them are turning to bio-based materials made directly from industrial waste for energy.

Yes. We can provide design ideas that fit your budget and create a beautiful patio, pool border, walkway, steps, or fireplace that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors for many years to come!

Manufacturers produce brick pavers from a mixture of clay or shale. You cannot use all types of bricks as pavers. Allowable pavers should have an “SW” label on the packaging or on the paver itself. This label stands for “Severe Weather” and ensures that the paver can withstand harsh weather, including snow and ice. Brick pavers are strong and offer you a wide selection of colors to use for any outdoor project.


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